One month later...

Well, this was a long time coming.

It's been about a month (And a day) since London's Aesop was first released. Nine months in the works and a few hundred pounds of art money later, here we are. I think it's safe to say that I underestimated just how taxing game development was, both on the wallet and the soul. But has it been worth it? Absolutely! I've met so many great people during my project, and hearing all the great things people have had to say makes it all worth the while! 

That being said, I've been learning a lot even after the game is finished. One thing I learned is to communicate better on Itch: People have questions and they deserve to be answered. That's why I'm writing this Devlog to answer a few queries you lot might have. 
How'd we do, chief? 

At the time of writing, I've achieved the following:

  • 2,207 Downloads (Wow!)
  • 479 Itch Followers
  • 79 ratings
  • And $165 worth of revenue  (Both on Kofi and Itch)

I don't know much about specific game sale numbers (Considering mine was made with a  shoelace budget), but I feel pretty happy with this amount. This isn't like a view on Youtube: Over two thousand people have taken the time to sit down and actually spend time on something I made. I hope to reach 10,000 downloads by the end of the year and I'm confident that I can reach it!


When is the next update?

When creating this game, I didn't have a set release schedule in mind. I want each update to feel like a substantial upgrade, containing a full chapter of the game. This comes to anywhere between 15,000 to 20,000 words, which have to be written, drafted, and coded into the game. I am also in full-time employment, so I can't promise I'll release content on a specific schedule. 

That being said, I will be making better steps to communicate this information. Currently, the script is around 50% complete and I'm in the process of gathering assets for the new build. You can expect the new build by the end of May or the beginning of June. 


Will there be original backgrounds/music/CG images?

Yes, eventually.

I'm paying for the game's assets out of my own pocket, or whatever money I get from the game. Sprites are my top priority right now, so those will be getting my full attention. For me to add music and original backgrounds, I'll either need to find suitable volunteers or commission someone.

Simply put, the more people who share London's Aesop and contribute to development, the quicker I can add these things to the game. I fully intend on adding everything to the game eventually, but it will be gradual. 


I hope this entry has answered a few questions you might have about the game. I'm glad that so many people are enjoying it: Your words of kindness are what fuel me to keep making more content and make this game bigger and bigger. I promise to keep doing my best to make this a game worth remembering!

If you have any others questions, please do not hesitate to ask me via Twitter or Discord. I hope to see you all again soon!

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I saw the potential in this game and can't wait to see where you take this game with time. If I may ask, do you have anyone else proof-reading besides you; I wouldn't mind contributing to the help if you want, but that just depends on you and my schedule allowing it. Id love to help.

you are amazing honestly

Thanks so much! :D

Great to hear the all the hard work has been paying off!

It has. Emphasis on 'Hard' though. Game dev is tough.

Yeah.  I know.

You deserve this success for all of your hard work, great job!


Thanks! I hope the next build gives me even more fans!

So glad to hear that this game is still going, I can't become a Patreon due to current financial limitations, but I promise that I'll always try and support you with feedback and encouragement

I understand. Thanks for your support; please look forward to chapter 2!