I'm so sorry.

I'm going to keep this brief: You all know I hate being the bearer of bad news. 

The new build isn't going to be released on July 1st. It's just not ready yet; I don't want to release an unfinished build in place of a complete product. 

Everything that's going to be in the game is already implemented. All that's left to do is to spell-check the script and make sure there are no bugs/errors in the code.  

I don't know exactly when the new build is going to be released. Please just be patient a little longer.

I'm so sorry. 

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Take care of yourself self, ok?


You don't have to pressure yourself over some deadline you set for yourself, it's your own visual novel so you can take your time writing it is indeed stressful but take care of your mental health, it's fine you could do take like someday or weekly rest. Do things that you love at your own pace so it won't give you a heavy retaliation on your body.

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Know what's sexy? Creators not driving themselves up the wall over release dates. Don't burn yourself out. Take your time and take care of yourself 


Also Iroko

Yes, yes, yes

Hyena dev take notes


i m going to say this again but dont worry about delay, take your time with this. The last things we all want is for you to get sick of the project or rush it. Dont forget to take care of yourself too ^^

its ok dont overwork yourself take your time.

Well it can't be that long until next release right? Good work with keeping quality though. That said, do you think you can find any volunteers to help you with that? I would but I really have no experience coding let alone knowing how to use renpy.

actualy renpy is pretty straight forward that is why most vn devs are using it ^^ but i understand your point; It is better to be used to it in order to be efficiant enought to keep up with thoses kinds of projects 


Take your time, don’t be so hard on yourself, we can wait!


Oh dear, when I read the title I thought you'd suddenly canceled the project or something! That's very strong wording for a simple delay! >_>

It feels awful to delay a build when you were so sure you could release it in time (trust me, I've been there), but don't beat yourself too hard over it: you're still going to work hard to release it as soon as possible, and your fans will still be here waiting until the day you do, supporting you throughout.
Delays and setbacks are not uncommon for small developers like us, and our fans (well, the vast majority of them, at least) are very understanding of this fact: as long as you promptly communicate any issues you're having with your community and keep doing your best despite them, you're going to do great, fren. ^w^

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Don’t be so hard on yourself, it’s not that big a deal! Take your time, we can be patient for as long as it takes for you to be happy with how it comes out!


Its fine, it's not worth putting out something you yourself are not happy with, so i'm happy to wait! 


Take your time, better to be thorough than to rush the product when it's unfinished.