Build 0.2, here we go!

Finally, it's ready.

After so long, build 0.2 is out and ready to play! A whole new chapter of Iroko and Ethan's adventure is here; please enjoy!

Real talk though: I can't thank all of you enough for all the kind words, feedback, and memes you've sent me over the past few months. I don't think I could survive if it wasn't for you. I promise to keep doing my best to make this the best game I can.

From now on, I'll try and update the game more often: Even if the new chapter isn't ready, I'll be releasing smaller updates on a near-monthly basis, starting with either a gallery (Depending on how many CGs I can get) or a unique GUI. 

See you soon! Thanks again!


LondonsAesop-0.2-Linux 146 MB
Jul 05, 2021
LondonsAesop-0.2-Mac 139 MB
Jul 05, 2021
LondonsAesop-0.2-Windows 156 MB
Jul 05, 2021

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Question:  How do I know when the ending screen pops up, that I have reached an ending or is it incomplete? Because there is no "To be continued" text; or "Bad Ending: XXX" when Ethan dies of a car crash. I am very confused can someone send help or a guide or something please?


Hi there, thanks for writing! 

The car crashes are 'bad ends', so they currently don't have a credits screen. There should be credits when you reach the real end, though. I'll be sure to add a screen after these death scenes, just so the reader knows exactly what's going on. 

Thanks for the feedback!

So the real end is what will be extended on for the next update?


Yep. Just wait until you see what's coming. :)

Thank you, that clears up a lot. Although there are some dialogues I saw on reddit that I didn't get; I'll replay it a few times :)


Hey there, long time no see!  Its great to see the new update I can't wait to try it out, but I have a few questions I'd like to ask first.  Firstly will there be NSFW or sexually explicit content in this VN,  if there is/will be that's okay I just want to know what's in store regarding that area.  My second question is if you have a Patreon?  because I would love to try and help you develop this VN in terms of financing even if its only a few dollars.  Can't wait for your response and have a wonderful evening 


Can't wait, I love how open and transparent you are with your communication, keep up the good work!

You work and ethic and passion are infectious, I love it! Thanks for always keeping it real with us! Can't wait to check this chapter out :D 

Thanks so much! I always do my best when it comes to my baby.~


Thanks for the new chapter!🎉

Also, heads up:

“I mean, it is nighttime. It only makes for him to shut the blinds.”

I think there’s a missing “sense” here.


Oh, shoot.

Also, you're most welcome: I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Awww no Android version... Yet?


Don't worry, I'll be uploading it by the end of the day. I just had to get Inkie's help fixing it up for you.

Also if you're somehow not able to get the mobile build done

Just tell people to download Joiplay and get the windows version