What's going on here?

Hey everyone! Sorry for keeping you in the dark so long! 

For this devlog, I'd like to talk about the upcoming third build: When it'll be released, what it will contain, and how I think when creating new content.

So, when's it coming?

Sorry, but it's a little too early to say. It'll definitely be finished before October 1st (I won't let each build take more than 3 months), but it's still too soon to have an exact release date. I'll figure one out sometime in the coming weeks.

How much work has been done?

Whenever I finish a build, I like to take a break to prevent stress and plan out the next chapter. As of right now, Chapter 3's script has around 6000 words to its name. Depending on how many bad ends/alternate paths I put in, this means the script is anywhere from 25-40% drafted. I'll be sure to have it finished within the next three weeks.

I have not yet commissioned sprites for the new character but will be doing so promptly. I can't draw, so I need to have a very clear idea of what I want my characters to look like before paying for sprites. You'll get to see them as soon as they're finished. 

Backgrounds and Sound effects have not been fully gathered.  Although I've gathered a good chunk of them, I like to finish the script before completing this task: It's no use wasting time gathering assets that won't be seen in the final game. 

What's to come in the new chapter?

I have a feeling this chapter will be a little longer than the previous two. I don't want to risk having the game's story spoiled, but I will give you a few hints.

  • The ending conversation from Chapter 2 is very much canon; you'll finally get to see what that's about!
  • This Aesop holder will be the second female character introduced in the game and the first to have full sprites. Why a girl? Well, you'll just have to wait and see; there's a very good reason for it!
  • The new character is someone from Iroko's time in the army. You'll get to hear a bit more about Dorothy this time around.
  • This chapter takes place in a very crowded area. You'll have to be smart in order to keep the Aesops a secret.
  • Expect to see a lot more of Alder this time around. You might see a side of him you never knew existed!

In conclusion...

I wish I could make monthly builds like other VN developers, but I simply don't have the resources that others have. I'm still doing my best to make each build as good as it can be! Please be patient! 

See you next time!

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Nice—looking forward to it. There have definitely been some interesting hints dropped about Dorothy politics becoming relevant soon…

thx for letting us know it's a good thing that not a lot of devs are doing ^^'


I like to keep in contact with my fans. :)