Another Chapter 2 update

Hey Yeenlings, got some good news to share with you all!

As of tonight, Chapter 2 is around 90% percent complete! The script has been finalized, the choices have been designed and accounted for, and all of the backgrounds, sounds, and music has been included. The only thing missing is the final character's sprites. For this chapter, only four will be necessary (Two sprites with two expressions each), so it won't take long for those to be added in. I can't say for sure when the next chapter will be finished, but it will definitely be here by the end of the month. Please look forward to it. 

But first...
Before I say goodbye, I must once again apologize for taking so long for the next chapter. Many of you might be wondering why it takes three months to make 60-90 minutes' worth of content. Surely, given the number of assets left over from the first build, it should have been launched already? Well, not quite.

When I release a build, I want it to reflect a quality you would see in a professionally published VN. I don't want to use placeholder sprites or blank backgrounds to speed up development. Music is the only thing I use placeholders for, and that's because there are fifteen songs in the game's soundtrack. 

For this reason, the game takes longer to produce than most. London's Aesop has a story with very little filler; the main characters are always moving about, looking to achieve something. While this gives the game a constant pace, it also means more backgrounds and sounds are needed. Because the game has multiple choices that change the game's story, there are also various routes, triggers, and sanity elements to consider. While I work to make sure each chapter's run-through has at least 15,000 words, each build contains a lot more. Add all the intricate coding, and you're left with something that takes months to create.

When Chapter 2 is launched and the game reaches 0.2 status,  the game will technically be 20% complete. Each build contains a chapter, there will be eight in total, but chapter 8 will have three different versions depending on your choices. For that reason, when chapter 2 is released, the game will be a fifth complete. 

I'm sorry I cannot work on the game any faster. I can only hope that you keep faith in me and continue supporting me. 

Well, that was dreary...
It was! My apologies, but I felt it had to be said. Please forgive a loose tongue.

In any case, please make sure to follow my Twitter and rate my game if you haven't already! We have hit 3000 individual downloads on the game today; my next goal is reaching 250 followers before the end of the month (Or the launch of the second build). Please help me make this a reality!


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By any chance in the next build Could we be able to name our human character please?

Interesting question! The problem with adding that feature is that I'll have to replace all instances of Ethan's name, which is... A lot, to say the least. 

While the update is too far along to add this feature, I will consider this option for the third update. Thanks for asking. 


Work at the pace you feel good bro, we'll appreciate u and ur vn anyways <3

Thank you! I'm doing my best, so please hang tight.


Bruh idc if it takes longer just work at a comfortable pace, trust me when I say that burning yourself out from overworking sucks and screws up your pace. (Also this Vn is pretty unique compared to a few other *still great* Vns)


Thanks for understanding. I'm not giving up yet! Game dev is just a little harder than I thought. >.>

The only thing I'm mad about the game is how easily I became a simp for the yeen

Iroko, y u so fine?

Ranok could never.

you got me there....


Congrats on 3k downloads! Looking forward to more of our Iroko boyo!


You'll be seeing more of him soon enough, don't you worry. :)